S.M.A.S.H! (52x11')
Super Monsters (52x11')
The Mini Musketeers (52x11')
Pocket Dragons (26x11`)
Tarzan and Jane - Best Friends in the Jungle (26x11')
Super Monsters- The New Class (1x22')
Mermaidens (13x22')
Shooting Star (13x22')
Super Monsters- Dia de los Monsters (1x22')
Kong- King of the Apes (26x22')
Tarzan and Jane (13x22')
Merlin´s Monster Academy (13x22')
Roswell Conspiracies (16x22')
Supernatural Academy (16x22')
The Wresting Academy (13x22')

PAC-MAN and The Ghostly Adventures (52x22')
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (65x30’)
Skylanders Academy (1x44' and 37x22')
Kong- King of Atlantis (1x68')
KONG - The Animated Series (40x22')
Kong- Return to the Jungle (1x80')
Starla and the Jewel Riders (26x22’)
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (26 x 22’)
The Pocket Dragon Adventures (52x22')
The Ultimate Book of Spells (26x22')
Dork Hunters and the Pirates of Tortuga Island (1x63')
Stone Age (52x11')
Skysurfer Strike Force (26x22’)
Legend of the Dragon (39x22')
Double Dragon (26 x 22’)
Extreme Dinosaurs (52x22’)
Street Sharks (40 x 22’)
Highlander- The Animated Series (40 x 22’)
Roswell Conspiracies (40x22')
Dork Hunters (36x22')
Ultraforce (13 x 22’)
Christopher and Holly (1x30')
Dot & Spot's Magical Christmas (1x30')
Nick & Noel (1x30')